Refresher Series—Metrics Still Matter: Security is the New Black

May 22, 2018  

Since the first Autotask Metrics That Matter™ survey was released in 2013, client priorities and critical investments have matured and evolved. One area that clearly illustrates these changes is data security, which has grown to become a major business driver for MSPs and ITSPs.

Really, this isn’t surprising considering the increase of ransomware and cyberattack threats that loom large for businesses these days. And with small-medium size businesses embracing digital transformation more than ever, the need for a focus on security in the form of data and endpoint backup, business continuity and disaster recovery and other key security priorities is front and center.

The survey showed:

  • “IT strategy, process operations, or security consulting” is a top revenue driver

  • Security accounts for 30% of revenue

  • Data security is the #1 priority for clients and a new business driver

MSPs and ITSPs have a great opportunity to help clients navigate the new security needs in today’s digital, cloud-based world and give them the peace of mind they need. Offering solutions like the ones Autotask+Datto provide can help you become a trusted security advisor to your clients. Check them out here. 

Download the complete Metrics that Matter eBook here.


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