MSP World Cup Bundle!

June 19, 2018  

Tis the season for all things sports! With the World Cup in full swing, Wimbledon right around the corner and Tour de France coming up in July, it’s safe to say we are spoiled for choice! However, as an MSP you will want to keep up on the playing field and we want to make sure you don’t burn out before the second half.

Teamwork, passion and competition drive these sports to new heights and every year new players and athletes enter the stadiums, ready to give their all. So what’s to say that you don’t have an office full of athletes who are doing the exact same thing everyday? (Without working up a sweat!)

As an MSP your team is your strongest method of defence. Just like any sport, if you invest the hours of training, guidance and dedication to finding the perfect dream team, your business will reap the benefits! Why not check out our IT Staffing Made MSPeasy eBook for more tips and tricks?

Of course when the competition gets tough, the threat of losing becomes a bigger reality. However, that didn't stop Mexico defeating Germany, the defending world cup champions! They assessed the threat, played their best solutions and became champions in the end! As an MSP, the cyber epidemic is a real and everyday occurrence. Make sure your team is ready to fight back and your solutions are on the frontline protecting your clients. If you want to make sure you keep defending the goal, we have got you covered!

Since GDPR came into play on May 25th the rules of business have changed, but who’s to say this isn’t for the better?! This year France scored the first ever penalty using Video Assistant Referee (VAR). New rules and business systems can actually reward your company in more ways than one, and our GDPR Made MSPeasy eBook will tell you exactly how!

You will also want to make sure that your name is in lights! Get creative with your marketing efforts, learn how to build key strategies for Inbound and Outbound marketing and start generating unique content!

If you want to be the next champions of the world, then make sure you check out our dedicated MSP World Cup bundle!

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