So Happy Together—Autotask + Datto Partner Programs

June 26, 2018  

Since the merger with Autotask and Datto, our teams have been hard at work bringing together two of the best partner programs for MSPs in the industry. Today we’re happy to report we’re getting closer and closer to bringing together the best of the best benefits and resources from both programs to build the foundation we need to deliver a world class partner experience going forward. 

In March we launched Phase 1 of the program integration, where we shared benefits from both programs to each partner communities, showing our commitment to their success. Recently, we rolled-out phase 2 of our partner program integration, focusing on combining similar benefits for all partners.

Here are some noteworthy Phase 2 highlights:

  • PipelinePRO merged with MarketNow: Assets and collateral have nearly DOUBLED; partners now have access to all Datto and Autotask content in one place.
  • Select Vendor Program: To improve your business operations and save you time and money, we’re giving you a list of fully vetted complementary vendors, offering our partners pre-negotiated discounted rates.
  • Not For Resale (NFR) Program: Access to heavily discounted hardware for your own internal use and to demo in pre and post sales efforts now includes Datto Networking products.
  • Sales Enablement: Sales and marketing jumpstart sessions leveraging new toolkits to help accelerate sales for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions.

For more details, review the Partnership Guide in your partner toolkits located below:

AWP Partnership Guide
AEB Partnership Guide

We’ll continue to keep you posted with ongoing updates via the monthly partner newsletter. Or contact us directly for more information.

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