The 4 Ps of Marketing for the MSP

July 10, 2018  
All too often the role marketing can play in helping an MSP go from good to great is undervalued and overlooked. We get it- you’re busy helping clients, building your business, managing the day-to-day, so who has time to think about or do any kind of marketing? We assure you - if you put in the effort, it will pay off significantly. True: You might not feel instant gratification. With marketing, you play the long-game and patience is essential. But over time, you will see results and it can help you compete more effectively, build your brand and become an integral part of your clients’ businesses.
What does it take to build a successful MSP marketing program? Here’s a quick look at the 4 Ps to make marketing a driver for growth in your organization.
Provide plenty of great content
This is essential in today’s world of marketing. Pretty much all roads lead to content that is authentic, promotes your expertise and builds trust for your brand. Developing a content strategy to use across all of your communication channels is the first step to making marketing work to your advantage. Blogging, ebooks and social media are great places to deliver compelling content.
Partner with marketing pros
Since marketing isn’t likely an in-house area of expertise, this is the perfect opportunity to work with marketing pros to help you put in place a program that works for your business and delivers measurable results. These partners can help you determine the right metrics to track and set objectives that align with your business growth goals so you see the pay off from making an investment in marketing your services.
Position strategically
Once you have a content strategy, it’s time to put in place an SEO process that gets you seen by your target audience. We can’t stress enough the importance of showing up in searches and strongly advise working with a partner that focuses on SEO. Here’s a helpful on-demand webinar that details out the importance of an SEO strategy. Find it here.
Present professionally
Perception is reality so make sure your website is professional and easy-to-navigate. Don’t leave this to chance. Invest to make your website a valuable resource for your clients and prospects. Attend industry events, network like it’s a job, put in the extra effort to have face-time with your valuable clients and industry peers. In the MSP community, you are always ‘reppin and first impressions are often lasting ones so make them count.
For more MSP marketing tips and tricks, we recommend the Marketing Made MSPeasy: The MSPs’ Ultimate Guide to Marketing eBook.

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