Autotask Helps Shackleton Technologies Migrate Ten Key Business Processes and Reporting Systems To One Integrated Business Management Solution

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06. September 2012

RICHMOND, UK - Autotask Corporation, the world’s leading provider of hosted IT business management software, today announced that Dundee-based Shackleton Technologies (Holdings), Ltd, a highly regarded regional provider of IT services, has adopted Autotask software to streamline its business management processes and to improve its ability to deliver a new range of cloud-based services to better serve its clients.

Established in 2004, Shackleton provides end-to-end business technology solutions, flexible support and maintenance contracts to over 150 clients. The firm has built an enviable reputation for customer service and is the trusted advisor to a number of high profile local organisations including Mackays, Clark Thomson Group and Gillies of Broughty Ferry.

Using strong in-house development capability, over the last eight years, Shackleton had built its own business management solution using discrete tools and third party software to assist with helpdesk, billing, service level agreements (SLAs) and project scheduling. Shackleton had experienced strong growth through a strategy of expanded services but senior management have struggled to add new features and scale its home-grown business management and reporting tools.

“Before we moved to Autotask, our consultants and engineering teams would need to interact with up to ten different systems to pull together a complete picture of each customers’ requirements, SLA’s and service history,” explains Steve Ross, Managing Director for Shackleton. “This additional administrative work was a burden on our business and as we start to offer more cloud and managed services, the prospect of spending additional development resources was daunting.”

Shackleton had already invested in a helpdesk and ticketing solution but needed greater visibility and more granular control over their business. “Autotask has allowed us to take data and processes defined in our own bespoke systems and effectively ‘join them all up’”, explains Ross.

Shackleton has used a phased migration project to move its critical data and processes into Autotask. With the first phase live, the firm has been able to achieve significant benefits in the creation and management of SLAs and in the generation of customer quotes. “We can clearly see where we are placing our resources and how we can improve our service delivery to our customers,” explains Ross. “In a highly competitive market, this level of visibility and control allows us to tailor our services and meet our obligations to the levels that our clients expect.”

Shackleton seamlessly integrated its remote monitoring and management (RMM) and accounting packages with Autotask, and Ross is using the improved reporting capability to define new service offerings. “We now have a platform that will allow us to move into areas like cloud-based technologies with much more confidence, and the operational improvements have been welcomed by both staff and customers alike.”

Over the next two phases of the migration, Shackleton will decommission its in-house systems and begin to offer new cloud based services to its clients, managed through its Autotask system.  The migration will provide greater flexibility and more accurate billing for Shackleton, and increased visibility and reporting for its customers. “We are still at an early stage, but after even just a few months it has become clear that our investment in Autotask will offer a significant payback and help the business to keep growing and evolving,” Ross concludes.

Autotask software is currently used by thousands of IT service providers, value-added resellers (VARs) and managed services providers (MSPs) in 54 countries. “As technology solutions providers expand their products and services portfolios, the complexity of managing resources can become overwhelming,” comments Mark Banfield, Managing Director for International at Autotask Corporation, “Shackleton is a great example of an organisation that is embracing the move to new technologies, including cloud services, by making the most from integrated business management solutions, like Autotask.”

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