MSP Achieves ROI in First Week of Autotask Implementation

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10. Dezember 2012

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA:  Autotask Corporation, the world’s leading provider of hosted IT business management software, today released overwhelmingly positive results from recent implementation at Managed Services Provider, Hyperactive IT. In a statement from the client, Autotask showed a return on investment (ROI) in just one week.

According to Hyperactive IT’s managing director, Anthony Bonomini, the company decided to investigate the implementation of business management software to better raise tickets, track progress and provide reports on all the projects it undertakes on behalf of clients.

“We knew we needed more efficient work practices and systems to better service clients and ensure we were capturing and billing all of our applicable hours.  We looked at a large number of offerings, undertook a considerable amount of research and asked a lot of questions before deciding to go with Autotask,” said Bonomini.

With a staff of six, and customers across a broad cross-section of SMB industries, Hyperactive IT needed to have actionable intelligence across a large number of jobs at any one time.

“One of our major issues was finding the time to record all aspects of each job. When you are busy, you can often forget details that become important later, so we wanted a system that would make it easy for each of us to log our time, update our records and ensure that customer project files were up to date,” said Bonomini.

As soon as the company implemented Autotask, they discovered that they were capturing more project management information and, most importantly, more billable hours.

“In the very first week after getting our staff up to speed with the Autotask system, we found we were around $600 up on billable hours from previous weeks, and this situation has continued to today.  So, in a sense, I can say that Autotask paid for itself in the very first week,” said Bonomini.

Bonomini believes that the benefits of Autotask software go well beyond the technology.

“What we have discovered is that we previously had work practices that had become habits that, while we were comfortable with, were not necessarily the best way of managing our business.  As soon as we implemented Autotask we found that it actually drove us towards better and more professional ways of working.  It actually teaches you how to institute better practices and process, and these are now core to much of our success in both a customer relationship and profitability sense,” said Bonomini.

According to Adam Ross, regional sales director for Autotask Australia and New Zealand, the Hyperactive IT experience is not uncommon.

“At its core, Autotask is a business automation solution. Through simple workflow rules and business logic the platform automates many functions and activities within an IT company, and by doing that, enables staff to work in more productive ways.  It’s not just about raising tickets, capturing project management details or assisting with billing; it has been designed to allow employees to work more effectively and more efficiently, leading to higher profits,” said Ross.

Parties interested in learning more about Autotask or in scheduling an online demonstration of Autotask software are encouraged to email the company at or to call +61 (02) 8103 4001.

Über Autotask
Autotask bietet die weltweit führende cloudbasierte Plattform für Business Management speziell für IT-Dienstleister. Der „Smart IT“-Ansatz von Autotask verhilft Unternehmen zu einem zielgerichteten Einsatz von IT-Technologie, um die besten Ergebnisse für ihre Kunden zu erzielen. Die Autotask Software ermöglicht die Steigerung betrieblicher Effizienz, die volle Kontrolle über abrechenbare Leistungen sowie den Zugang zu Unternehmenskennzahlen, um geschäftskritische Entscheidungen voranzutreiben. Mithilfe von integrierten Best Practices und automatisierten Workflows beschleunigt Autotask Umsatzpotenziale und verbessert kontinuierlich die geleisteten Services. Autotask ist in sieben Sprachen verfügbar und wird gegenwärtig in mehr als 90 Ländern eingesetzt. Mit Hauptsitz in New York betreibt Autotask weitere Niederlassungen in Chicago, Los Angeles, München, London, Amsterdam, Peking und Sydney.

Im Dezember 2017 haben Autotask und das auf Datensicherung, Datenwiederherstellung und Business Continuity spezialisierte Unternehmen Datto ihren Zusammenschluss bekannt gegeben, durch den die einzige vollständige Business- und Technologie-Software-Plattform für MSPs entsteht.

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