Delivering Title-Winning Support to Manchester City FC

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27 de junio de 2012

Autotask Corporation, the world’s leading provider of hosted IT business management software, today announced how its software has been used to support the continued success of Manchester City Football Club. In addition to winning the Premier League, Manchester City Football Club is an ambitious organisation with a state-of-the-art football academy and a programme of high profile concerts from the likes of Coldplay, U2 and Take That.

Synergy Technology, a leading IT outsourcing and business solutions provider, has been working with Manchester City Football Club for over ten years. However, the plans and investment of the club’s Abu Dhabi-based ownership – have increased their demands on IT and infrastructure into the premier league.Manchester City is a football club looking to compete at the highest level, anoperation that employs 350 staff worldwide and welcomes nearly 50,000 fans every matchday.

Synergy Technology supports Manchester City Football Club’s IT from back-office to front-of-house on a 24/7/365 basis. In addition to call-centre support, the company has 5 staff on-site to support the club’s Directors, players and operational support. Synergy Technology partners with the club to ensure current needs are met and adequate preparations are made to support future growth.

Sanjeev Katwa, Head of IT at Manchester City Football Club has increased focus on monitoring performance against a service level agreement covering data reporting and analysis. The focus on data extends to capacity planning and prioritising investment. The club demands data and insight to ensure they make targeted strategic business decisions.

Tony Poole, Managing Director of Synergy Technology; “In order to support Manchester City Football Club and Sanjeev Katwa’s ambitions to monitor current performance and predicting future needs, we wanted a solution that could evolve and flex to different scenarios. We knew our needs and the needs of our customer were going to change significantly over time.”

The role of a managed service provider (MSP) software platform in service delivery

To meet the needs of customers, a high-performance business like Synergy Technology needs be able to collect and analyse a range of data about its service delivery and its customers’ IT. In order to guarantee service delivery and make informed decisions, this data needs to be accurate, timely and visible.

Synergy Technology needed a system that would collect data giving a holistic view of service provision and effectiveness. This visibility would enable Synergy Technology to provide information to Manchester City Football Club to enable the client to make well-informed business decisions when focusing their investment to support future operations.

An effective MSP software platform was required to help improve the user experience of the company’s service, streamline issue reporting and management, maximise uptime, resolve issues quickly and report with greater clarity.

During its procurement process, Synergy Technology reviewed 10 systems before selecting Autotask. The key decision factor was Autotask’s ability to develop and adapt to real-world situations.

“We were impressed with the vision behind Autotask, their approach and understanding of our type of business – managed service provision," confirmed Tony Poole. “We were impressed with the ‘Autotask Ecosystem' and felt that it was a platform that would allow us to grow business success. As our customer requirements evolve, our use of Autotask can evolve.”

Autotask’s customisable workflow means that it can be adapted to suit each customer, reflecting their business, their processes, their helpdesk set-up and their customers. “Autotask is a purpose-built platform specifically designed for managed services providers,” commented Mark Banfield, Managing Director International at Autotask. “We’ve built a dynamic solution that grows with our customers and is strongly positioned worldwide. With over twenty-five staff in Richmond supporting accounts, implementation and support, our clients receive an outstanding level of service from initial implementation to ongoing training so that they can grow their business profitably.”

The model has certainly worked well for Synergy Technology and MCFC - both have provided excellent feedback on the service.

Sobre Autotask Corporation
El software de gestión de servicios de TI hospedados líder a escala mundial de Autotask Corporation permite a los proveedores de soluciones tecnológicas optimizar y agilizar los procesos empresariales. El software cuenta con una amplia gama de sistemas empresariales básicos, como gestión de relaciones con los clientes (CRM), servicio de asistencia, programación técnica, gestión de proyectos, facturación o informes, y ofrece inteligencia de prestación de servicios en tiempo real para ayudar a los usuarios a detectar los factores que impulsan su empresa y su rentabilidad.

A Autotask se puede acceder desde prácticamente cualquier dispositivo informático o móvil conectado a Internet y presenta una API de primera categoría que se integra directamente con los otros sistemas y herramientas en los que los proveedores confían para gestionar sus empresas.

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