UK Cloud Service Provider for Healthcare and Government Gains 60% Higher Productivity through Automation and Analytics

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Datrix provides end-to-end business solutions and consulting services, including networking and security, cloud services, unified communications, business continuity and managed services to both the private and public sectors in the UK. Desiré Cilliers, Service Manager said, “We’re now logging 60% more calls. As well as increasing our revenue, and we are providing more detailed reports for our customers which shows just how much work we are doing for them.” For Datrix, the improved reporting functionality not only saves time and money, it also means better decision making. Cilliers explains, “We can see which contracts are profitable and which are not, as well as which areas need more support. We can even see where we need to provide extra training or additional resources for our engineers.”
Autotask is the cornerstone of our business and we use almost every aspect of it to help us improve our efficiency, retention of customers, cost structure and productivity.
Desiré Cilliers, Service Manager