Ability to Identify Trends Leads to Positive Business Changes

CS Maingimage Analytics

Geoff Graves, Director of Project Management, Bedroc said, "We have begun to embrace a metrics-driven decision making process, that matches the growing complexity of our organization. We needed Autotask’s help to:

  • Clean up and simplify our Autotask configuration
  • Understand Autotask reporting and its capabilities
  • Automate the creation of decision making reports

The Smart Step Program helped us maximize our investment in Autotask and move the business forward with fact-based, informed decision making."

Working with Autotask’s professional services team through the Smart Step Program gave us a new understanding of the system and how to use it to its fullest potential. It has been a catalyst for positive change in our organization. In the period of a few short days, we were able to make actionable improvements across our operations.
Geoff Graves, Director of Project Management