Award-Winning MSP Delivers Superior File Security Solution; Credits Autotask Partner Playbook with Success

CS Main Image Len Dan Johnson
machineLOGIC, an award winning Denver area MSP prides itself as a proactive, strategic partner to its SMB clients. When RMM reporting revealed that client employees were deploying File Sync & Share (FSS) solutions outside the purview of IT; machineLOGIC took action to address this security gap.

“We found that a lot of file sync and share clients were already out there and deployed in customer environments but many of those business owners did not realize that some of their most important data is sitting on systems and solutions that they were not really in control of,” said Dan Johnson, President, machineLOGIC.

After considering available solutions, Johnson determined that Autotask Workplace provided a superior technology and partner program. Autotask’s Partner Playbook was a key determining factor in his decision as it ensured the proper training and support tools, including Workplace Manager, a centralized management console used for deployment, policy creation and data migration.

With Autotask Workplace, machineLOGIC has eliminated client headaches around VPN access, file security and rogue solutions, and provided clients with a secure and scalable solution. Today, every new machineLOGIC desktop engagement includes Autotask Workplace.
Autotask Workplace is superior not only on a technical basis but when we looked at the Partner Program and the interactions with the PSA and the entire picture of what we were going to be able to offer our clients, it was clearly a superior solution.
Daniel Johnson, President
machineLOGIC LLC