Belgian IT Service Provider Achieves 20% Increase in Operational Efficiency

Accel Computer Service is a services-based systems integrator and support provider in Belgium. It offers a broad range of services including IT solution design, implementation and support. Prior to the switch to Autotask, the firm served approximately 200 clients with 20 technical people and 8 administrative staff. Today, just 35 staff manage and service nearly 500 clients with nearly a third of those clients as full managed services contracts generating a 6.5 million euro annual turnover.

Marc De Swaef, CEO, said, “If I look at how many tickets we close on a per technical staff basis, I would say we are around 20 percent more efficient then we were previously while our client retention is near 100 percent over the course of a year.”
The benefits derived from Autotask are now essential to the sustainability of our business model. I can’t imagine our business without Autotask, it is in our very DNA and runs throughout all of our processes.
Marc De Swaef, CEO
Accel Computer Service