Belgian MSP Running Operations More Effectively & Increasing Profit Margin with Autotask

A Managed Service Provider based in Belgium, Cheops provides IT services, including cloud services, to help SMEs and large companies build, optimize and manage their IT infrastructure. Peter Debie, Operations Director, said, “After six months of working with Autotask I already know that if we didn’t have the tool tomorrow we would be in a lot of trouble. Not only would we lose sight about how our operations are running, but we wouldn’t be able to show our clients how good a service we are delivering to them, which is also very important to us.”
Being in operations the service module has proven to be the most important one for me. It helps me keep an eye on how the operations are running. Autotask is a very powerful tool it does exactly what it’s intended for automating processes, which helps us improve our efficiency, reduce our costs and improve our profit margin.
Peter Debie, Operations Director