Cohn Consulting Takes Their First FSS Offering to the Cloud: Streamlines Roll Out & Service Delivery with Autotask

CS Len John AWP
Cohn Consulting decided to move their managed service offering for File Sync & Share (FSS) from an on-prem product to the cloud. Problem was, their old solution didn’t allow them to port the data. An evaluation of competitive solutions led them to Autotask.
Autotask Workplace provided support and streamlined operations for Cohn Consulting every step of the way. Integrated marketing tools and campaigns make it easy to go to market. Workplace Manager™, a web portal that ties to the Autotask PSA, made provisioning, managing and billing customers much simpler and more efficient.
Today, Cohn Consulting is providing a superior, cloud-based service while reducing the resources required to support it and providing better, more efficient customer service and their managing it all using a fully unified solution from Autotask;  the same vendor they've been using for over ten years.
It not only has a marketing plan with it, it has a provisioning plan and a way for us to manage and present this all to our customers. It’s a complete package from Autotask.
Jon Czerwinski, Vice President
Cohn Consulting Corporation