How Instant Access to Business Data Helps Predict Future Growth

CS Instantacess Grwoth
For more than 35 years, Champion Solutions Group, an IT solutions provider and professional services organization has been selling hardware, software and services to small-medium sized businesses. Debbie Brenner, Vice President of Professional Services, said, “The data available is light years from what we had before Autotask when we were manually looking at spreadsheets and couldn’t access the data we needed. Now, we can look at the data at a glance on a dashboard, view it, analyze it and manipulate it as we need to for the executive team and trend what’s going on to predict what we need to do for the business going forward.”
I cannot imagine running the business without Autotask. There is no way that I want to go back to all the manual things that we were doing. Autotask is so integrated into our daily processing it’d be very difficult to remove it or move to another platform because we have everyone trained on it –more than 100 employees.
Debbie Brenner, Vice President of Professional Services
Champion Solutions Group