French IT Solutions Provider Capitalizes on New Opportunities

Arrowsoft, an IT services company, provides IT services in the form of equipment, software and maintenance to providers. The company’s main focus is on the Bordeaux region and the entire Aquitaine Midi-Pyrénées. Christophe Thuillier, IT Team Manager, said, “Today the return on investment thanks to Autotask is that the solution allows us to identify many weak points, which we were not able to see before because we did not have the indicators. At the same time we are now able to gather information which we did not have before—the average time of an intervention, the average time between two interventions and the performance of a technician compared to another in a given sector.”
We chose Autotask, after having looked at all the other suppliers in the market, because we wanted a simple, efficient, cost-effective and state-of-the-art solution. When I say “state-of-the-art,” I mean that it must be accessible from a mobile terminal, whether it’s an iPhone-type smartphone, an Android or a tablet of whatever type. And that the product would not prevent us from working during the implementation period and that we would really gain time. And in just a few days, we really gained a lot of time.
Christophe Thuillier, IT Team Manager