Inbay Achieves 75% Increase In Tickets, 25% Increase In Customer Satisfaction

Formerly an MSP, Inbay now provides white label NOC and service desk to managed service providers on an international basis. Kristian Wright, Managing Director, said, “We use Autotask across our business from sales through to technical delivery. The dashboards are particularly important for us as real-time ‘at a glance’ analysis of sales and delivery performance is key, particularly as we are a geographically spread organisation across three separate time zones. We’ve seen our turnover increase five-fold in the last two years. We never could have achieved this level without the business insight that Autotask gives us.”
Autotask has been a game changer for us. We’ve increased productivity 75% by increasing efficiency and increased customer satisfaction at the same time.
Kristian Wright, Managing Director
Inbay, Ltd.