Save an Hour Per Day Per Tech with Endpoint Management

CS Main Micah Thor

TechGuru is a Minneapolis, MN based MSP focused on educating and empowering their clients to make sound business and technology decisions. Micah Thor, President, TechGuru, said “All of our employees use Autotask, we find that having everyone working inside of the platform gives us really great data. The problem with our previous RMM was that we weren’t getting reliable consistent alerts and the alerts we were getting needed to be manually remediated. With the unification between Autotask PSA & RMM, we now get a ticket created from an alert, the script runs and if successful, the ticket is closed. None of our techs ever even touch, but it’s all tracked within the PSA, so when our client asks to see what we’ve been doing, we’re able to show them all of the things we've been taking care of in the background”. 

To read more about the ROI of using Autotask solutions, read the Forrester Economic Impact study at

In the 90 days after using the unified platform between PSA and RMM, we saved almost a full workweek of labor. It's a tremendous return on investment for us and we certainly could never go back.
Micah Thor, President
Tech Guru