Service Quality Increases Significantly for French IT Solutions Provider

ISI EXPERT is a Paris-based IT Solutions Provider specializing in outsourcing and infrastructure throughout France. The company is a Microsoft VMware Gold Partner and provides technical support and full maintenance of their IT fleet. Florent Saussaye, Director, said, “Since rolling out Autotask, we have essentially gained a simplification of our customer management system and contract management system. We were able to improve efficiency and productivity because now the teams who work with it have to spend considerably less time in meetings, much less time on managing issues vis-à-vis our customers. We can now focus on the additional services we can offer to our customers. We are living in a world that is moving more and more towards cloud computing and this ease of operation gained in the management of tickets and contracts with our customers allowed us to put in place tools for our account managers to improve our profitability with customers and to increase the services that we offer them.
We studied various market players and we chose Autotask because we could manage all our processes, from the management of customers to the billing, all in the same tool. With a single database for managing all of these tasks, and the simplicity of deploying the solution, because of its SaaS model we were able to focus not on the deployment of the technology of the product, but really on getting the functions of the product going and to make them reflect our service contracts. This allowed us to offer the service quality that we wanted to provide to customers.
Florent Saussaye, Director
ISI Expert