UK IT Service Provider Increases Income with No Extra Costs to Positively Impact Bottom Line

Vermont Systems Ltd. provides a wide range of IT consulting, cloud computing, hosted exchange, computer support and network services to businesses in the Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex and Surrey areas of the UK. Chris Ward, Director said, “The really big advantage about using Autotask is that we can have everyone using one system and all of our data and information is in one place.  Now I’ve got various reports that I can run in terms of profitability against contracts. Six months ago I didn’t know who my most profitable customer was and now I do and I know the answer to this every single month as well as the areas where we are struggling to be profitable. We can take specific actions to address that which is fantastic.”
The real distinctive thing for me was at the time we were looking for a solution Autotask had opened an office in the UK and was building a significant presence. This made a big difference in choosing them as I had mixed experiences with overseas vendors in the past. With Autotask being in the UK, we can build real relationships with the support staff and get the hands-on training we need.
Chris Ward, Director
Vermont Systems