UK IT Service Provider Sees Recurring Revenue Increase by 50% with Autotask

Southern IT Networks Ltd. specializes in providing IT solutions, VoIP Telephony, Support and Microsoft Office 365 Cloud solutions for businesses in the South East of England. Michael Freeman, Managing Director, said, “Autotask has had a significant impact on the business. We can easily say we capture 30% more billable hours and at our same rate we now bill 50% more recurring revenue through Autotask. Autotask has given us visibility across the business all from one platform, which is a huge time saver. We can run reports to see expenses, service desk, CRM, sales and projects all under one roof. We live in Autotask every day. The trending data we see in Autotask is very important to the business. We can see what’s happening with specific clients and across the business. Tracking even these simple metrics makes a real difference in the way we’re going about our business.”
We chose Autotask because the sales staff was able to clearly demonstrate the great visibility we would gain across the business in all areas from invoicing, contracts and profitability, employee time sheets and expenses‚ÄĒeverything is within Autotask. The presence Autotask has in the industry as well as their regular training sessions all led to us choosing Autotask as our PSA solution.
Michael Freeman, Managing Director
Southern IT Networks