Autotask Endpoint Backup Product Overview

Managing business files is one of the most important and complex IT challenges for organizations of all sizes around the world. Businesses are creating and saving files in immensely large quantities and all signs indicate the volume of business files will continue to increase at a rapid pace. Your clients need an endpoint backup solution they can trust.

AEB is a cloud based file backup managed service designed to support business continuity for your clients while giving you peace of mind through:

  • An intuitive web based management tool to provision teams and manage backups
  • Intelligent backup and monitoring
  • Remote and automated deployment, removing operational complexity
  • Minimizing user/business downtime due to lost files or a ransomware attack
  • A partner  only model, with a fixed cost for you and no published pricing
  • A joint sales and marketing approach to help you drive leads, win new business and reduce your time to revenue.

Download the guide to learn how you can better service your clients, protect their files and increase your recurring revenue while doing it.

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