Smart IT Guide: Building a Profitable Hybrid IT Services Catalog

Are you an ITSP thinking of adding services into your mix of product offerings or an MSP who wants to take your managed services to the next level? 

If you’re nodding yes, it’s time to take a look at the products, services and solutions you deliver now – and want to deliver – and organize them into a Hybrid IT Services Catalog that includes a suite of profitable products and a range of service offerings. Once you create your catalog, you’ll open up a world of opportunity; you'll ramp up sales with break/fix, managed services, cloud solutions and everything in between. 

Upon downloading this Smart IT Guide, you'll uncover best practices, standards and steps to help you start creating your Hybrid IT Services Catalog, as well as next steps to help you continue to improve and add to it. The 3 steps we'll review for getting started are:

  1. Define products
  2. Determine services
  3. Replace break/fix IT service delivery with automated managed services
Bonus! This guide includes a B/F Model worksheet for you to use as a template for effective pricing. Download your Smart IT Guide to get started today.
Smart IT Hybrid Catalog
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