Pricing Your IT Services: The Keys to Staying Profitable

Pricing IT services can be tricky. Price yourself too high, and your prospects and customers may balk (or walk). Price too low, and you'll leave money on the table - or worse, lose money. This is a challenge that IT Service Providers (ITSPs) - and managed service providers (MSPs) in particular - face on a daily basis.

This is especially true when making the transition from break-fix to selling managed services, getting your services priced out properly can be a challenge.

  • How will your pricing resonate with your customers?
  • Are you making enough margin to stay profitable?
  • How do your prices compare competitively?

With that in mind, differentiating & pricing your services from your competitors becomes paramount. In this presentation we’ll explore the different variables you might want to consider when building your pricing methodology. Join Autotask’s SVP of Business Development & Community Len DiCostanzo as he helps you:

  1. Understand your costs.
  2. Determine costs and profits associated with the break-fix IT services model.
  3. Determine costs and profits for automated managed services.
  4. Apply break-fix and automated managed services pricing strategies to cloud and outsourced services
Service Profit
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