Autotask Workplace Service Demo for Endusers

Autotask Workplace is the leading online file sync and share (FSS) solution, empowering business teams to be more productive, efficient and collaborative through secure access to any type of business content, using any device.  Please join us for a live demonstration of this purpose built solution for business users.

During this webinar, we will demonstrate the following features and functionality of Autotask Workplace:
  • How to activate your Workplace account
  • Installing the Windows or Mac Desktop Agent
  • Configuring the agent options for selective sync and backup
  • Working with projects on your local storage and online
  • Creating an sharing projects with secure public links
  • Managing projects and files
  • What is the admin role?
  • What is the super admin role?
  • How to setup mobile access
AWP Service For Endusers
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