How to Deliver Network Security Audits That Will Stun Your Prospects and Create New Revenue Opportunities

Network Security is top-of-mind for business owners, but most don't know about the nature of the vulnerabilities that threaten their companies. Often, companies rely on "standard" network security tools such as firewalls, anti-malware and anti-virus software to protect their network. What they don't know is whether those external protections are working, to say nothing about vulnerabilities created by their own internal misconfigurations, settings, and permissions. 

Join Mark Winter, Vice President of Sales at RapidFire Tools, to learn how you can profit from creating a new Network Security Audit offering that can expose security issues that your clients and competitors have missed. You will also see a demo by Ti Saunders, Senior Systems Engineer.

You will also hear from Rick Paul, Partner Development Manager, who will provide an overview of how Autotask’s unified platform can help support your sales process and win new business.

You will learn:

  • How to quickly and easily perform deep-dive Network Security Audits with a focus on Network Detective’s points of integration with Autotask
  • How to automatically generate compelling branded reports that will demonstrate tremendous need for your services. 
  • Best practices on how to monetize your investment in our tools by offering new services around them
  • About a limited-time offer from RapidFire Tools
  • How Autotask’s unified platform helps you drive profitability and deliver world class service
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