How to Drive IT Ops Efficiency through Monitoring Automation

In this webinar, learn how LogicMonitor’s integration with Autotask works to automate discovery and configuration of monitoring on new devices. Also find out how new configuration items are entered into Autotask and see how iVision, a customer of both Autotask and LogicMonitor, uses the integration to drive operational efficiency in a real-world setting. 

Join Len DiCostanzo, Autotask's Senior Vice President of Business Development, Kevin McGibben, CEO of LogicMonitor and Eric Aslaksen, iVision’s CTO to learn how you can:

  • Get simplified and automated configuration management that saves time and prevents customer equipment or services from going unmonitored or unmanaged. 
  • Have the ability to automatically monitor customer devices and get the information necessary to streamline operation and significantly scale the efficiency of team. 
  • Create, acknowledge and close alerts generated by the LogicMonitor platform from within Autotask
How To Drive IT Ops Through Automation
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