Protect, Respond, Recover – Don’t be Held hostage by Ransomware!

Did you or one of your clients get hit with the WannaCry virus? Are you concerned your clients may be vulnerable to an attack?  Do you have too many vendors blowing smoke, telling you what you should be doing to protect your clients? Do you want to actually see how to protect your clients’ endpoints to reduce vulnerabilities? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this webinar is for you!

Join our team of experts at Autotask to learn how to protect your clients against ransomware, with hands on demonstrations of practical cloud solutions to patch and protect Windows and Mac endpoints, and how to recover quickly if you get hit with an attack.

After viewing this recording, you will learn:

  • The importance of patch management to reduce vulnerabilities and how simple it is to execute
  • Key layers of security you can implement to protect critical business data on Windows and Mac devices
  • How to quickly recover data should your layers of security be compromised
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