Sneak Peek: PSA 2018.1 Release

Join Joe Rourke, Director of Product Management as he reviews and demonstrates the new capabilities that are planned for the upcoming 2018.1 release of Autotask PSA.
In this webinar, you will learn about the following new features:

  • New Task UI: The Task UI has been updated with our ticket look/feel, configurability, checklists, color coding and insight panel. These enhancements will drive an instant understanding of the task, drive action, elevate insights, provide configurability and improve collaboration.
  • Line of Business/Multi-Tenancy: This release will address the need of growing MSPs who need different offices to remain separate but leverage the same Autotask database.
  • Account Locations: Account locations makes it easier to give stellar support for end clients that have multiple locations.
  • Datto/PSA Integration: The Datto/Autotask integration has been enhanced for improved Datto alert ticket handling, a Datto ticket insight, new alert and asset dashboards, plus enhanced setup/administration functionality.
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