The Ransomware Files: First-Hand Ransomware Survival Stories

When ransomware hits the news, it’s often a story about a business paying up large sums of cash to hackers to retrieve their data, or those who refuse to pay up and accept the data loss. What we hear less about, are those businesses who are ahead of hackers, beating ransomware to the punch and restoring their businesses back to smooth operations without much fuss.

In ‘The Ransomware Files’ we’ll be hosting managed service providers, or MSPs, who’ve had some awesome victories over ransomware.

During this webinar you will learn:
  • Solutions these MSPs have in place to keep customer data secure
  • First-hand ransomware run-ins
  • Pro-tips on getting ahead of future ransomware attacks
  • An overview of Datto’s Ransomware Protection and Recovery Solution
  • And more!
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