Why Customer Experience, Why Now?

In an age when customers have access to a growing variety of technologies and vast amounts of data about your company and your competitors, customer experience is the only sustainable competitive advantage. During this webinar, John from Forrester Research will discuss how leading firms achieve the experience advantage, what holds laggards back and the role technology plays in building standout customer experiences.

You’ll hear:

  • How major brands including Disney, MLB, NFL and others are leading the way and what small to medium sized IT providers can learn from them
  • Why IT is at the center of this transition to the Age of the Customer
  • How to put your company on the road to customer experience maturity
  • Why it’s critical to have a digital edge when it comes to supporting positive customer experiences
You’ll also hear how Autotask is addressing customer experience with its numerous support offerings, Certified Consulting Partner (CCP) network, multi-lingual product offerings and support as well as its exciting, new human-centered designed user interface.
CX Forrester
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