90 Seconds: Introduction to Autotask Endpoint Backup

While backing up your clients’ critical business files has always been important, the looming threat of ransomware, theft and other security threats have made reliable backup and restore more important than ever. Autotask Endpoint Backup (AEB) can help ensure your clients’ digital workplace is always protected, productivity never gets interrupted and with AEB’s automatic versioning, restoring lost files is quick and easy.

AEB is a managed service designed to support business continuity for your clients while giving you peace of mind through:

  • An intuitive web based management tool, AEB Manager, to provision teams and manage backups
  • Intelligent backup and monitoring
  • Remote and automated deployment, removing operational complexity
  • Minimizing user and business downtime due to loss of critical business files or a ransomware attack
  • A partner-only model, with a fixed cost for you and no published pricing