Top 10

You Should be Tracking
in Your IT Business

In our new eBook, we cut through the noise and identify the 10 most important key performance indicators (KPIs), you should be tracking in your IT Services Business to prioritize and achieve business objectives and impact business growth and profitability.

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  • Decide which KPIs your business should
    be tracking
  • Measure both operational (real time) and
    trending (long term) performance
  • Uncover previously hidden opportunities
    for growth
  • Understand how to leverage Autotask to
    do the heavy lifting

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It’s invaluable to have an overview of the entire organization encapsulated in one single pane of glass. In my role, it’s critical for me to have an understanding of what’s happening across the entire organization. I’m able to look at customer surveys, performance, utilization, client tickets, incidents and the sales pipeline.”

- Mark Shaw, President, StoredTech Solutions, Inc.