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Updates on the Autotask-Datto Merger
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Date posted: Thursday December 21, 2017
Transparency and two way communication have always been defining values of Autotask and Datto, important to both employees and our partner community. We are working hard to share as much information as possible, as frequently as possible, about coming together with Datto, as one company. Today, our Executive Team answers some important questions we’ve received from our partners, in their own words.
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Q: Will the tech support teams be merged and centrally managed or kept separate for the various product lines?
     - Chad Kempt, Fast Computers

A: In the few short weeks since the announcement, we have done a lot to bring the support teams together, to see where we can learn from each other. There is an opportunity to move forward with best practices from both organizations and the combined support leadership group. We’re currently in deep discussions about how we can ensure our support offering remains a key benefit to our combined partner community. For now, the teams continue to be managed separately.
     - Emily Glass, Customer Experience Officer, Datto

Q: I understand the merger of companies, but what does that look like for merging employees? Will everyone stay at their current positions at Datto and Autotask? Will partners need to worry about forming new relationships with people they work with on a daily basis?
     - Eric Peterson, Camera Corner Connecting Point

A: Eric, this merger is all about growth, so while we may look at ensuring we have the right folks in the right positions, we are well aware of the importance of the 1:1 relationships with our MSPs. We will make every effort to ensure that existing relationships within both companies remain intact.
     - Michael Fass, Chief People Officer, Datto

Q: Will I be penalized by not using Autotask thus having lower monthly spend with Datto? We are working hard to get to the Blue level in the Global Partner Program.
     - David Wolf, Just Solutions Inc.

A: David, not at all! We are committed to open integrations with many leading PSA/RMM vendors, and believe you should choose the solution that is best for you. We will work with you on BCDR, regardless of other technologies in your portfolio. We want to help you get to Blue, and we’re eager to help you grow every way we can. In addition, we are evaluating our partner programs, program tiers and supporting technology, and developing a go forward plan that best suits our partners’ needs. We look forward to unveiling the results early next year.
     - Matt Richards, Chief Marketing Officer, Datto

Q: Is the pricing going to change on existing Datto products in any way? Are there discounts planned for Autotask users that would make it hard to compete, if we aren’t currently using Autotask?
     - Steven Sutton, TechBundle

A: We have no plans to change pricing, nor do we plan on disincentivizing MSPs from making the right choice for them as to what PSA they use. As we’ve previously said, we are big supporters of an open environment. It’s all about your ability to choose, Steve.
     - Tim Weller, Chief Operating Officer, Datto

Q: As the leadership team, what do you get most excited about as it pertains to this merge and what do you see as the biggest win for the MSP from a product integration and innovation standpoint?
     - Abby Warner, The Brookfield Group

A: The most exciting thing I see for MSPs is having our complete, undivided attention. Vendors typically split time, resources, and attention between MSPs, enterprise and consumer. Datto is backed by the resources and expertise of Vista Equity Partners; and is the first vendor of its size to serve only the channel. Standard MSP expectations on integrations and speed of innovation should be thrown out the window. Datto has the ability to give our partners faster, better, tailored products designed specifically for this market.
     - Ian McChord, VP Product Management, Datto

Q: Will Autotask products still be marketed under the Autotask brand or change to Datto?
     - Brian Weiss, ITECH Solutions

A: There are no immediate plans to change the brand or the way we market the products from the respective companies. As we develop our product and marketing plans in 2018, we’ll work with our MSPs to see what makes sense from a naming and brand perspective.
     - Matt Richards, Chief Marketing Officer, Datto

Q: What will this mean for partners that have both technologies implemented already and how will they benefit from the merger?
     - Roger Harry, Circle IT Solutions

A: One of the first items on our combined product roadmap is a closer integration between the Autotask PSA/RMM products and the Datto BCDR and Networking products, but product integration is just one benefit. As a combined Datto/Autotask MSP you’ll also benefit from our amazing tech support service across all product lines, a single MSP-focused vendor relationship to manage, and more.
     - Emily Glass, Customer Experience Officer, Datto

We appreciate all the feedback and encourage you continue to send your questions our way. We’re committed to making sure all partners get the support needed to plan for and execute on a successful 2018.

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It's Official
Date posted: Monday December 11, 2017
Today, Datto and Autotask have officially come together as one combined entity. We are now the largest MSP-centric tech company in the world!
Merger Official 850x150
Since the announcement in October, we’ve spent time listening to our partners to gain an understanding of perspectives and expectations for our newly formed company. Three messages we consistently heard were:

  1. The channel-only origin of both companies supports and validates our MSP-first commitment.
  2. Possibilities around product innovation and an openness to integrations bring excitement for expansion and interoperability.
  3. Maintaining our unique company culture, built on strong relationships and challenging the status quo, is essential to our future success.
It’s important for you to know that these same core values ring true for the company moving forward, and we can’t wait to start delivering on our shared vision.

The new company will operate under the Datto name and brand, with me as CEO. I am excited to announce two new additions to our Executive team. Patrick Burns, Vice President of Product Management and Adam Stewart, Senior Vice President of Engineering of Autotask will join the existing Datto leadership team. The extended management team of the company now comprises a mix of Datto and Autotask senior leaders. I have every confidence that each of these leaders, individually and collectively, will steer this ship in the best direction forward, for you.

Stay tuned on Merger Minutes for more updates as we progress through our integration and if you have any questions, please email me directly at (Seriously!)

Let me wish you a happy and festive holiday season, and a very exciting 2018!
Austin Mcchord 100x100
Austin McChord
Founder & CEO
Datto, Inc.

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Partner Perspectives
Date posted: Thursday November 30, 2017
Following the recent Datto and Autotask merger announcement, hear first-hand from Datto partners Vince Tinnirello from Anchor Network Solutions and Paul Franks from ThinkGard about their reaction to the news, what excites them most about the combined company, and how they see this affecting their business now, and in the future.

Vince Tinnirello is excited to see the two teams come together, saying “Both companies have a culture in partner first. These are two companies that my business depends on and what makes them both different is the people. I rely on them to take my business forward.”

Paul Franks is happy to hear that both companies will continue to support all integrations, saying “Datto and Autotask both being an open ecosystem is refreshing.”

It’s more important than ever for us to listen to you, our partners, so we thank Vince and Paul for sharing their perspectives with the rest of the community. Check out this quick two minute video to hear more!


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Autotask + Datto Team up to Better Serve the Channel
Date posted: Monday November 20, 2017
On October 26, we announced exciting news for the Autotask community and the IT channel: Autotask’s owner, Vista Equity Partners (Vista), merged us with their newly acquired company, Datto. In an effort to stay in constant communication and provide you with the latest information, we will be providing weekly updates, which you can find here at

As you know, this is still early days and there is much work to be done to bring the organizations together. We appreciate your patience during this time of transition. In this first post, here’s a recap of what we know for sure.

This is great news for both sets of customers and partners. Merging Autotask and Datto means we can now deliver the only complete technology solution suite to the IT channel.

With this merger, we can further accelerate innovation and growth surrounding our unified platform vision. Combining Autotask service automation and remote monitoring and management with unified managed service offerings: backup disaster recovery; file and folder backup; secure file sync and sharing; business continuity and networking services will enable you to increase recurring revenue, grow and expand—all from one company.

Datto and Autotask products are complementary. Our product offerings do not overlap in any significant way and now there is a greater opportunity to innovate and bring to market important services related to data protection and network connectivity.

Internationally the merged company is stronger than ever. Mark Banfield, SVP, International at Autotask shared this with ChannelPro UK: “It’s exciting times for MSPs, particularly in the UK because our investment there is more significant than in any other market. Once combined, the two companies will have 200 people in four UK offices. That talks to our absolute commitment to the UK channel – there are no services vendors as focused [on the UK market] as we are.” See the full article here.

Autotask product roadmap and release schedule will stay on track. The product development team and our engineering groups are working diligently to execute our roadmap as planned. Releases as scheduled will release when we have communicated they will.

It is too early for us to discuss any joint product roadmap. Rest assured this is on the radar, but there is still much work to be done before we can venture down the path of communicating our plans.

Mark Cattini, CEO and President of Autotask, will be a strategic advisor to the Board of Directors. Austin McChord will serve as CEO of the merged companies. A combined leadership team will drive the strategic vision forward. The particular roles the members of that team will serve are not finalized at this time. When that information is available, we will communicate it to you.

The transaction hasn’t closed. It is expected to be finalized in the fourth quarter of 2017. Until then, Autotask will continue to serve you and communicate with you in the same manner you are accustomed to—your account manager and support team remain unchanged and fully committed to providing you with an exceptional customer experience.

Please visit here to find the news release and FAQs.