pcvisit Software AG ProfiSupport 15.0

Computerbeheer op afstand

With more than 10 years of experience, pcvisit is a professional and successful developer of remote access software. Giving assistance for persons who seek help in IT matters we provide a suitable tool for supporters and internal help desk. On entering a remote access session it allows the supporter to examine hardware and software issues without being on the spot himself. This efficient IT tool is perfect for the supporters need.

Integration Features

Pcvisit integration is the connection to the ITSM tool Autotask. This allows a simple usage of pcvisit from the Autotask website. Information about several remote access will be transmitted to Autotask and also back to the remote session.

  • Open the program directly in Autotask
  • Important information about customer and ticket can be transferred straight into the remote access
  • Automatic allocation of collected information from the session to the ticket in Autotask