Autotask Corporation Announces First Certified Consulting Partners in Europe

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December 12, 2012

RICHMOND, UKAutotask Corporation, the world’s leading provider of hosted IT business management software, today announced the addition of 10 Certified Consulting Partners focused on delivering implementation and consulting services to its customers throughout Europe.

The Certified Consulting Partner (CCP) program was launched to meet the needs of Autotask’s rapidly growing international customer base, and to augment Autotask’s well-established local presence in Europe. Autotask’s most recent additions to the Certified Consulting Partner program allow customers to engage in their local languages, including English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French.

Tom Osborn, Autotask Vice President of Client Services, emphasized the value of this program.  “Autotask’s Certified Consulting Partners have a unique opportunity to share and leverage their industry expertise, product knowledge and regional exposure to drive value for other Autotask users,” Osborn said. “Autotask users benefit by leveraging that special expertise to make sure that Autotask not only meets their operational needs, but maximizes their overall efficiency and effectiveness.”

Autotask CCPs must complete a rigorous training and testing program before receiving certification, and are required to participate in ongoing training programs to maintain their certified status.

Autotask’s latest Certified Consulting Partners include:

  • Raf Arts, Accel Computer Service NV (Belgium)
  • Gareth Brown, Sytec (United Kingdom)
  • Steven Kinane, Synergy Technology, Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • David Klein, ELZON (France)
  • Diego Lopez, ADM Tools (Spain)
  • Mario Menichetti, Cips Informatica (Italy)
  • Moritz Munzenmaier; acmeo (Germany)
  • Bruce Penson, Pro Drive IT Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Maximilian Pfister; Niteflite Networxx GmbH (Germany)
  • Chris Tate, Totally MSP (United Kingdom)
“Having used Autotask for more than four years, being a Certified Consulting Partner allows us to share our knowledge of Autotask and industry best practices with other solution providers to help them ramp up their own businesses and provide a better experience for the clients they serve,” said Steve Kinane, Analytics Manager at Synergy Technology, Ltd., of Manchester, England.  “The new opportunities created for Synergy, and for myself, have more than met our expectations, and it is very rewarding to be able to help other users and their businesses.”

Katee Cufari, Autotask Partner Program Manager added, “The response to this program has been tremendous, and the collaboration between the CCPs and other Autotask users is a powerful way to help our clients optimize their business practices and maximize their profitability.”

Autotask clients interested in learning more about the program, engaging a Certified Consulting Partner to assist their own business development, or in pursuing certification themselves, are encouraged to email

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