Autotask Opportunity Assessment and Sales Process Tool Helps Streamline and Improve Sales

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August 21, 2014
East Greenbush, NY — With the Autotask Opportunity Assessment/Sales Process tool, customers have visibility into their entire sales cycle to review the current status and history of any sales opportunity along with its organizational impacts. They are also able to prepare and properly align company resources based on key sales assessment stages.
Opportunity Assessment provides guidance on where additional sales, marketing or technical focus may be needed. The Assessment tab provides insight into the opportunity so managers can provide targeted coaching and resources to win new business. Sales organizations are able to ensure that appropriate qualifying questions are asked, critical information to winning the business is gathered and successful onboarding is completed for every opportunity.  The Sales Process Tool enables the sharing of best practices and efficiencies through standardization of process via knowledge base links.

Autotask is the first-to-introduce this level of measurement and insight into the sales process for the IT service provider (ITSP) marketplace allowing for more accountability, efficiency and intelligence about what’s happening throughout the sales cycle.

The Opportunity Assessment/Sales Process tool:

  • provides a structured sales approach with Assessment and Sales Process tabs for opportunity analysis  
  • aligns with a customer’s current sales process and is customizable
  • keeps sales representatives following a consistent process
  • gives management a detailed view of the sales cycle status
“We are seeing more and more customers realize how important it is to have a streamlined and effective sales process across their organizations,” said Patrick Burns, Vice President of Product Management, Autotask. “Our Opportunity Assessment/Sales Process tool is designed to help them do this by standardizing the sales cycle and giving them the visibility they need to ensure they’re fully capitalizing on sales opportunities to further grow their business.”

For more information, click here to view an on-demand webinar about Autotask’s Opportunity Assessment tool.

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