Services Provider Highlights The Benefits Of Autotask's New UI

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January 21, 2015

By Bernadette Wilson, associate editor, Business Solutions magazine

Customers are beginning to use the latest release of Autotask’s IT business management solution featuring a new user interface (UI). The company developed the UI’s “human-centered” design with goals of improved usability and workflow and less complication, along with elevated intelligence via dashboards that present data in ways that are most meaningful to the user.

Joe Rourke, director of product management at Autotask, explains, rather than presenting dozens of tickets, the new dashboard “gives an at-a-glance visual.” The dashboard helps eliminate time spent figuring out what to do next and offers users “effortless prioritization.” The dashboards can show performance as well as drive activity — as Rourke points out, “people are accountable for what’s most visible.”

Customizable Dashboard

Rourke says the user’s dashboard is modular and customizable: Each data widget can be configured as text, charts, or grids — whatever the user decides is the best representation.

Kim Drumm, operations manager of ProSource Technologies, says, “It allows us to put the most important information at the fingertips of each and every user based on their roles.” Drumm says her company has been using Autotask since 2009, which helped them average 30 percent revenue growth over the past five years. “We partner with Autotask because it’s so critical to what we do. What we do is complex — like other MSPs,” Drumm says. “This new release, without a doubt, is a game changer.”

She learned about the new UI when it was first announced at CommunityLive in June 2014, and she participated in a user focus group there, as well as in the beta release in October. ProSource now has been using the UI for a little more than a month, starting to customize dashboards with some of the “out-of-the-box” tabs — preconfigured for roles such as “salesperson,” “sales manager,” or “technician” — and tailoring them for the ProSource team. She says anything a user doesn’t need is removed and “we homed in to get at what’s important to us.” The result is a dashboard free of distraction that focuses on “what my job is.”

The dashboard feature also allows each department to have an overall view of its resources and hours logged, which ProSource displays on a large screen. Drumm says it provides a representation of how each team is doing — as well as spurring some healthy competition.

Ticket Work List

Another feature of the new UI is a work list that eliminates the pop-ups from in the previous design. Rourke says users create lists to focus on their specific tasks, to which managers can make changes or additions, and the work list records the time spent on projects. These features especially benefit those who multitask — common among Autotask users — who often have multiple tickets open at the same time.

New Navigation

The UI also has new navigation, with features that include:

     • A quick find tool
     • A dashboard index navigation tool
     • A control to enable users to create entries in CRM, service desk, etc.
     • A recent items list
     • Bookmarks
     • A calendar that provides a quick view of workload and appointments
     • A live links menu
     • Access to the Autotask community
     • The Autotask help tool

Other Features

Rourke adds this release is optimized for tablets and mobile devices: “The UI is directly representable within a mobile environment to allow you to see graphs on a tablet and drill in.”

Drumm points out the new release also includes a number of usability improvements that ProSource finds are having an impact on efficiency, such as the “templates” list (formerly “favorites”) can be customized by department to display only the ones they use, and project modules are now “sticky,” remembering the way you viewed that project the next when you open the window again. In addition, ProSource can now control what clients see in the client portal when they log in to enter a ticket.

Resources To Help Users Prepare For The New Release

Drumm encourages businesses to use Autotask resources and training as they prepare their employees for the new release. Transition guides, videos, and project templates are available to partners in advance of launching the new release. “They’re one of the reasons I felt like on Day 1 we hit the ground running,” Drumm says. “Take advantage of them.” She comments because of Autotask’s enablement and resources, all ProSource team members who use the solution were looking forward to the new release.

According to Drumm, the more she explores the new release’s functionality, the more potential she sees for ProSource to benefit from the solution: “I’m not thinking, ‘What can I do with Autotask?’ I’m thinking, ‘What can’t we do?’”

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