Autotask Announces General Availability of its New User Interface

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February 10, 2015

Autotask announced today that the latest release of its IT business management platform featuring a highly anticipated, reimagined user interface is now complete. The deployment process to customers began with a limited beta release in November 2014. Customers are raving about the increased efficiency and ease of use as well as its role-based, human-centric design.

The release shipped with 12 persona-based dashboard templates and a library of more than 180 widgets that came pre-configured for all major user roles and use cases. Early adoption rates of these enhancements have exceeded Autotask's expectations—more than 8,018 new dashboards have been created, 13,469 dashboards shared and over 26,421 widgets (custom data objects) produced in the first six weeks of availability.

Customer quotes:

  • "The tool will help us to improve our focus on the key tasks at hand," said Joe Market, Managing Director, FunctionOne, Inc.  
  • "This will help our Service Delivery Manager improve the direction of our field staff and better visualize items that are slipping through the cracks. We can see data in a more useful format using the new widgets. This is huge."
  • "We have been using Autotask to manage our business for more than five years. We partner with Autotask because it's so critical to what we do. What we and many other managed service providers do is complex, but Autotask has managed that complexity beautifully," said Kim Drumm, Operations Manager, ProSource Technologies. "The new user interface is a game changer. It allows us to put the most important information at the fingertips of each and every user based on their roles. This translates to increased efficiency, accuracy, consistency and scalability of our service delivery." 
  • "I've created so many useful widgets with the new interface and have gained a much better understanding of how my business is running at-a-glance," said Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director, Mirus IT. "As a senior person in the business, the dashboards are going to revolutionize how I use Autotask and will free up so much more of my time to focus on developing my business."
  • "Autotask's UI designers are top notch—the best UI designs I've ever seen," said Hamenth Swaminathan, President, Currant Group Corporation. "I've never seen a more robust web-based application that works as if it were a desktop application."

"We could not be more pleased with our customers' positive response to the new user interface," said Patrick Burns, Vice President, Product Management, Autotask. "We worked in partnership with them to design a world-class user interface that would meet the needs of their businesses today and in the future. We are committed to enhancing their overall customer experience and this is the first of many things the company intends to do to ensure our customers continue to grow and succeed."

The new user interface features:

  • Fully configurable, drill-down dashboards that put facts at users' fingertips and allows them to configure their experience with the ease of drag-and-drop whether they are the CEO, service manager, engineer or any role in the organization 
  • A streamlined navigation that reduces clicks with easy access to frequently used items such as tickets, tasks and calendar
  • A sortable Work List viewable from anywhere in Autotask (and dockable in a browser) that enables users to focus on critical items

More information about the completely reimagined, all new Autotask user interface is available here. Additional enhancements to the user interface as well as translations will be released in the coming months.


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