Autotask Introduces Autotask Wallboards

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April 15, 2015

Technology service providers are increasingly using presentation monitors or wallboards to share critical business performance metrics and increase transparency and efficiency. To support customers with this effort, Autotask Corporation has created Autotask wallboards, which showcase real-time analytics on monitors throughout offices.

Wallboards enable customers to:

  • Display up-to-the-minute progress on key analytics such as projects, tasks, milestones and tickets.
  • Effectively communicate performance goals to employees while protecting sensitive data.
  • Access and display any Autotask widgets and data that is relevant to keep employees focused on the priorities that matter to the business.

  • "With Autotask Wallboards, we can create a display only data feed," said Donnie Gerault, President, Empact IT. "This enables us to choose what metrics we want to highlight and share with specific team members. It helps us keep track of day-to-day operations and hit our goals more effectively."

    "We learned from customers that having the ability to track department-specific metrics was critical. The use of a wallboard or presentation monitor serves as a powerful departmental reminder of the daily metrics and priorities that are the most important to the business," said Patrick Burns, Vice President of Product Management, Autotask. "Having real-time metrics on display for all to see helps promote an environment of accountability and ensures all team members know what's relevant to them and what's at stake from a revenue standpoint."

    To learn more or schedule an online demonstration, please visit here.

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