AEM and Conosco streamline IT support

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August 15, 2016
London-based IT support company Conosco have recently started using Autotask Endpoint Management (AEM) software to remotely monitor and manage their clients' networks and computers. Both Conosco and their clients are already benefitting from the software’s capabilities.

AEM’s automation and remote device access allows Conosco to:
  • collect information about the client’s network, software and hardware
  • provide remote support, accessing a client’s computer while they can continue working on it
  • proactively monitor every device
  • deploy patches and updates 
  • create alerts and tickets when issues arise
  • schedule maintenance jobs
The dashboard also provides full visibility and reporting of every endpoint.

According to Noel Thompson, Conosco Remote Operations Director, “You can stay ahead of issues and resolve them without going on-site, often before your customers are aware of a problem. The support team should be able to do at least 10% more remotely without disturbing the user.”

The automation capabilities of the tool also allow for streamlined installations: “For example, to deploy Google Chrome on 500 machines takes less than five minutes, whereas we would have had to do this manually beforehand. When a new client joins us, we can deploy all the required conformation tools in 50% less time.”

Christian Nagele, General Manager, RMM Global Sales, Autotask says: “Because the platform is cloud-based, it’s highly scalable, growing with Conosco’s growing client base. It’s also key in improving both business operations and the level of customer service Conosco are able to offer.”

And what benefits should clients notice? “The idea is that they should notice less,” Thompson says. “The whole point is we can do more while that they’re being disrupted less. Using AEM frees up time for everybody - Conosco employees and clients - to focus on other things.” The software also allows for more comprehensive reporting, and clients can see exactly how much time has been spent on proactive maintenance and what issues have been fixed. AEM also makes it easy to generate machine performance and patch management reports. And for companies with their own IT staff, access to the AEM dashboard provides a quick overview of the status of all PCs on the network.

About Conosco

Conosco are market leaders in combining IT support services with strategic consultancy, providing these services to London-based businesses with 30-500 employees. The key sectors serviced by Conosco are property management, professional services, financial services, retail, publishing and private healthcare.

Conosco was founded in 2002 with a vision of how IT support could be so much more than reactive problem-solving – by building strategy into everything they do, the company has created a strong reputation for the commercial effectiveness of their IT support services. Conosco was also one of the first companies to offer IT support at a fixed cost.

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About Autotask Corporation
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