Autotask Adds Endpoint Backup to its Solution Offerings

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September 26, 2016
Autotask Corporation today announced the availability of its newest product offering, Autotask Endpoint Backup (AEB), designed to improve Technology Solution Providers’ (TSPs) quality of service delivery and profitability. AEB is a fully automated file backup solution that is completely unified with the Autotask PSA to minimize TSP costs associated with provisioning, deployment, monitoring, management, billing and reporting while providing increased business continuity for SMB/SME clients. 
“Technology Service Providers need to mass manage and secure user endpoints and backup business documents for clients to ensure business continuity in situations where data is deleted, lost or compromised by ransomware,” said Patrick Burns, Vice President of Product Management, Autotask. “With Autotask Endpoint Backup, we’ve leveraged our core platform to streamline the operational and business process of an endpoint backup practice. AEB is fully unified with Autotask Endpoint Management and PSA using automation and analytics to bring managed services to market with greater effectiveness and profitability.” 
“Autotask Endpoint Backup gives us with the ability to do continuous backup on any device regardless of operating environment or network status,” said Terry Bryson, Owner, The Local Guy. “Gaining that kind of control with access to the unified capabilities of Autotask Endpoint Management allows us to easily provision, manage, and bill our clients’ file back up in a way that is far more secure, efficient and cost effective than ever before.”
Autotask Endpoint Backup helps technology providers better manage and streamline file backup by providing the following benefits:
  • Unified monitoring and automated workflows to ensure continuity of mission critical business data
  • Easy access to real-time financial performance and profitability data that is unified with the Autotask PSA
  • A self-help portal where clients can perform their own restore and recovery functions
  • Remote deployment capabilities to minimize onsite business disruption with clients
Learn more
Visit the AEB web page or watch our on-demand webinar, Introducing Autotask Endpoint Backup, hosted by Moshe Binyamin, Director of Strategic Programs, Autotask.

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