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We are pleased to announce this exciting new update to Autotask Workplace™ (AWP), Autotask’s enterprise File Sync & Share solution, formerly known as Soonr. Please join Evan Welch, AWP Product Manager, who will provide a detailed overview of the latest release.
Join Rick Paul, Partner Development Manager, and Caroline Chapin, Director of Channel Marketing, as they discuss the endpoint backup market opportunity and why offering Autotask Endpoint Backup as part of your managed services catalog will help you increase revenue and provide more value to your clients.
The Autotask Endpoint Backup (AEB) Partner Program is designed to help IT Service Providers (ITSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) profit from the endpoint backup market opportunity. Autotask wants you to succeed and, through our partner program, provides the resources needed you need to get started quickly selling AEB into your client base, and to prospects.
Roger Harry, Owner and CEO said, “There is no level of integration like what you get with Autotask PSA and Autotask Endpoint Management. In fact, it’s beyond integration, totally unified and we don’t even think of it as two separate things in our business, it’s just Autotask.”
Daniel Johnson, President and Owner said, “One of the key pieces for our use of Autotask is to have that unified platform and a single vendor that we can develop a deep relationship with.”
COO, Abby Warner said, “We meet with customers on a monthly or quarterly basis, and we print out our dashboards and go through different metrics that are important to that customer, and it’s such an easy conversation to have because the data is right there.”
PipelinePRO is a robust marketing and sales enablement program built by Autotask and MindMatrix, exclusively for Autotask Workplace (AWP) and Endpoint Backup (AEB) partners.
We’ve better organized the ticket to give you the important information you need in just one click.
This is the second video in our 5-part series introducing you to our all new PSA ticket interface.
With cyberattacks and ransomware threats at an all-time high, there is more reason than ever for IT service providers to proactively plan how to respond and recover clients’ data.
The #CommLive community was all ears during the Community Live 2016 keynote featuring Mark Cattini, President & CEO. Cattini focuses on our mission to deliver a platform that allows IT Service Providers to deliver a better experience to their customers. He lays out Autotask's mission of relentlessly pursuing opportunities that create greater efficiency, accountability & intelligence.
With 3 offices across the UK, Managed 24/7 provides innovative best of breed technical solutions and predictive managed network services to leading commercial and educational organizations. CEO and Founder, John Pepper said, “We save 1 hour per day, per employee using Autotask."
Based in the Netherlands, Wanbound has been providing IT services to growing companies across the region. Wayne Wilson, Founder said, “The unified approach being able to have our entire team see tickets and eliminate switching back and forth between systems has helped us save 2 hours per day, per employee."
StoredTech assists businesses with everything from telephone systems, to telephone and computer networks, to cabling, to video surveillance, to consulting and network design. Mark Shaw, President, StoredTech Solutions Inc., said, “In my role, it’s critical for me to have an understanding of what’s happening across the entire organization. I’m able to look at customer surveys, performance, utilization, client tickets, incidents and the sales pipeline.”
“We were able to take advantage of the great training resources online during our implementation, which made our deployment quick and easy. We deployed to 4,000 endpoints in a single day."
“Autotask allows us to capture more hours and manage our accounts better. It enables us to do professional asset management.”
“Autotask gives us a complete, accurate picture of the business. It has enabled us to step back and work on the business and its growth instead of in the business in reactionary mode.”
“Autotask has given us the ability to scale our business. Using Autotask has allowed us to put the processes we need in place to significantly grow the business.”