Data Warehouse

Create Customized Reports On-Demand to Help Make Fact-based Decisions

Autotask's Data Warehouse stores all of your important business data and is completely customized for your business. It provides complete visibility into all of your Autotask data and lets you create detailed reports in Crystal Reports®, Microsoft® Access, MySQL or virtually any other SQL tool. 

LiveReports, Autotask’s powerful ad-hoc reporting engine, is included at no additional charge, and lets you immediately drill into your data any way you choose. Customized, real-time reports give you the ability to mix and match different types of data to quickly get at the information you need and to configure your reports in a broad array of formats. A library of easy-to-use standard reports is also included to help you jump-start the process.

Features and Benefits Gain the Ultimate Reporting Power:
  • Create reports around the key drivers for your unique business and analyze the data your way to make better
    business decisions
  • A comprehensive set of data views that allow you to efficiently access your organization’s Autotask data
  • Data Warehouse is updated every 24 hours and takes about 10 minutes to execute making all of your data immediately accessible
    for reporting