Performance Dashboards:
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At-a-glance Access to the Analytics Related
to Your Business

Performance Dashboards combine Autotask’s reliable cloud data service and the unique power of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Platform, including Excel®, SQL Server®, Sharepoint™ and PowerPoint™ to provide a powerful, convenient and easy-to-understand way to access, interact with and use your own data in ways you never thought possible before.

With Performance Dashboards you can easily gain instant insight into the critical business data, metrics and trends that affect your service delivery, client reporting, financial management and sales opportunities. Performance Dashboards automatically aggregate the information you need and presents it in a portfolio of trending charts to help you make better, fact-based decisions about your business.

Features and Benefits Instant Access to Insight:
  • Analyze business trends, challenge points and successes and make adjustments to improve your efficiency and effectiveness
  • More than 50 pre-configured charts, graphs and tables specifically chosen to drive business insights and drill into the metrics that matter most to your business
  • At-a-glance view into dozens of key processes, workflows and staff utilization metrics making it easy to understand the impact of the time and resources you invest
  • Easily filter, manipulate and update your data views instantaneously to help you see and understand what is happening in your business at a more granular level