CentraStage is a SaaS platform for the management of endpoints - servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, phones (any connected device). It is a true elastic cloud solution providing real-time, proactive visibility, monitoring and management of millions of endpoints located anywhere on the planet. Our service comprises multiple, resilient, load balanced systems, enabling our customers to audit, manage, monitor and support devices from smartphones to servers, kiosks to printers. With unrivalled scalability and rapid time to value, we provide a secure management and monitoring solution for the real problems faced by the people and companies who take care of technology.

Integration Features

The integration features are related to users of both the CentraStage IT management platform and Autotask CRM. The objective is to provide a high level of integration between the two platforms in order to improve the benefits derived from both Autotask and CentraStage. We have synchronized entities from both platforms that have the same nature and meaning. The entities synchronized now are the profiles and the tickets.

  • CentraStage account synchronization with Autotask accounts  
  • CentraStage profile synchronization with Autotask customers (accounts of type Customer)  
  • Ticket update from both systems and synchronization of any changes between them