GMS Live Expert - Outsourced Help Desk Connector

Helpdesk & NOC

GMS has developed middleware technology which deploys bidirectional communication of help desk and live chat ticket data between GMS and our Partner’s ticketing systems. The Help Desk Connector, acting as a conduit, allows real time communication between the ticketing systems. This enhances the agents' ability to exchange valuable issue related data providing a deeper understanding of end user issues at the agent level. The Help Desk Connector creates the opportunity for agents to analyze, collaborate and act upon technology trends.

Integration Features

The Help Desk Connector features real-time, bi-directional synchronized ticket data flow enabling workflows from ticketing system to ticketing system. Workflows are enabled by the live agent entry of ticket notes, time entries, ticket status and ticket issue/sub issue categories. The Help Desk Connector is the middleware technology which efficiently connects live agents at both ends of the service experience.