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The aim of Kaspersky Security Integration with Autotask is to integrate Kaspersky Lab solutions (Kaspersky Security Center or Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud) and Autotask to provide a powerful combination of monitoring and management tools, such as automated billing and creating tickets for client accounts. Integration allows users to monitor the security status of client devices, create tickets in the event of an incident and automatically close it if the issue has passed. It also enables automated billing for Kaspersky products. Kaspersky products that can be managed through Autotask: Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business.

Integration Features

Connection - Connect virtual servers or companies in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud or Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business to Autotask accounts in just a few clicks to enable automated billing, ticketing and other processes. Simple one- to-one mapping ensures all companies are covered

Automatic ticketing - Simplifies security management by enabling the automation of ticket creation and workflow for each of your client accounts. Tickets are automatically created in Autotask, reducing the time you spend monitoring your managed client accounts while increasing the number of clients a single technician can manage. Tickets are automatically closed once an issue has passed; no manual work is required. Flexible ticket-creation rules enable users to setup integration for your business needs.

Billing setup  - Provides easy access to information on usage of Kaspersky Lab products from Autotask, which significantly simplifies and automates customer billing and reporting.

Compatibility - Autotask works with both on-premises and cloud-based Kaspersky Lab solutions. Use Kaspersky Lab cloud-based security to avoid additional overheads, or keep everything inside the perimeter and make the most of your existing hardware investment with an on-premises solution.

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