Osprey Strategic Research, LLC - MVP Marketing

Marketing Automation

MVP Marketing, built by Osprey Strategic Research, is an affordable, enterprise level, multi-channel marketing automation platform that integrates seamlessly into Autotask.  This automates your prospecting reach and drip frequency, creating an instant advantage over your competition by being able to sync marketing campaigns directly to your daily To-Do list.  In addition, our integration helps you track, score and streamline your sales and marketing processes. With MVP Marketing, your business now has a sales and marketing engine so missed sales opportunities never happen again.

Integration Features

  • Automatically creates “To-Do” activities based on prospect’s engagement through lead scoring
  • Sync between MVP Marketing and Autotask updates every 10 minutes, ensuring you always have up to date prospect information
  • No monthly email campaign limits
  • No contact or email limits
  • Website IP Tracking
  • Marketing and campaign automation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Templated emails that can be sent to a prospect in any type of sales situation
  • GoToMeeting Integration
  • Outlook Integration with tracking capability